Leak Detection In Melbourne: Catch That Leak Before It Gets In Your Way!

Leak plumbing is one of the most unpredictable kind of damage and can occur almost anywhere. Leaks are usually extremely hard to find and often difficult to trace. If left unattended, these leakage problems could mean wastage of water, high water bills and sometimes unprecedented damage to property.

Leak Detection in Melbourne

Project Plus Services provides state of art Leak Detection in Melbourne and utilize cutting edge leak detection technology to identify leaks, fix them quickly and make any other necessary repairs in the to minimize further damage.

Common issues that warrant leak detection in Melbourne include:

Roof Leaks and Repairs

Due to various climate changes, deterioration of roof materials and flashings is a common occurrence often leading to roof leaks which need to be caught early to avoid compromising the roof structure.

Burst Water Pipes

Burst water pipes can be due to a number of reasons including high mains pressure, extreme weather conditions, old or worn pipes and material of construction. Timely leak inspections can catch weakening plumbing earlier and help prevent bursting of pipes.

What is Leak Detection in Melbourne?

Leak Detection Melbourne is the a set of procedures followed to check pipeline and plumbing systems to detect the existence of water, oil, or gas leakage. It is aimed at identifying the origin and cause of leakage and to determine the possible remediation. Leak detection can also be an important type of emergency response. It provides early notification of a potentially consequential event, and hence allows more rapid response to that event. 

What is Leak Detection Checklist?

A leak detection checklist is a tool utilized by certified plumbers to assess leakage threats and sources of the leakage. It is aimed to analyze the areas of possible damage or leakage and provide an estimated budget cost of the possible ways to mitigate leaks. The leak detection Melbourne checklist is used to inspect pipeline systems for possible leakage and help determine possible causes of the leakage. It is utilized by certified plumbers to document the findings of a leak inspection and recommendation of possible solutions. A Leak detection checklist usually includes the following points:

  • Steps taken during the inspection
  • Assessment of the property and its structure;
  • The location analyzed and observed causes of leaks;
  • Recommendations and estimated timeline of repair
  • Digital signatures of both officer and plumber in charge to validate the inspection.
partial view of male plumber with toolbelt writing in clipboard near broken sink in bathroom

What is a Leak Detection Report?

Proper documentation of key leak inspection steps is important to monitor the process of repairs and their proper completion. A leak detection Melbourne report usually consists of the following

  • Visual progress and observations documented through photo evidence
  • Real-time status updates.
  • Recommendation of immediate corrective actions for urgent issues.
  • Digital signature for validation of the inspection and recommended repair work.

What happens during a Leak Detection in Melbourne?

An effective leak detection service can help detect leaks earlier and prevent significant water damage by providing immediate solutions. Companies like Project Plus Services provides leak detection services in Melbourne and includes the following steps in the leak detection process:

Assessment of the property

The leak inspector checks for indicators like a fast meter, a sudden spike in the water bill, and unusual dripping sounds. Then a physical check of pipelines and other structural aspects is done to spot leakage induced issues and damages.

Detection of the origin of leakage

Depending on the type of leakage, the type of leak detection system to be used is decided. For instance, when there is water leakage, sonic leak-detection equipment may be used to locate the sound of water dripping from the pipe. For gas leakage, helium-leak detectors that utilize mass spectrometry may be used.

Identify the cause of leaks

Leaks may be caused by broken seals, clogged lines, corrosion, and damaged pipe joints. Identification of possible leak points is done and aids in preventing further damage.

Estimation of the timeline of repair

Depending on the extent of damages a timeline for repair is suggested that can help plan out alternative solutions and corrective actions.

Document progress and share real-time reports

Real time reports and status updates are provided and aid documentation of progress of leak inspections as well as repair work.

Why should I get a leak inspection or Leak Detection in Melbourne?

A leak inspection can protect your household from significant and costly damage to homes and business premises. Right from small leaks in the sink plumbing to major roof leaks, leakage issues are one of the most common form of structural damage and can result in potentially dangerous situations. In order to prevent unprecedented damage and repair costs, regular leak inspections are important to be conducted on a timely basis.

Did You Know?

Every year, 8.1% of homes will experience a plumbing leak, contributing to over $10 billion dollars in insurance claims every year.

When and how often do I need a leak detection in Melbourne?

Leak detection Melbourne need to be conducted when a natural calamity such as a flood or storm has passed and caused damage or when there are clear signs indicating leakage.

Leak detection maybe done for the following reasons:

  • Leak detection for insurance
  • Leak detection for home purchase
  • Leak detection for home renovation
  • Leak detection after storms, floods or other events

How long does a leak detection take?

Leak detection Melbourne or Leak inspections in Melbourne usually require around two hours. But sometimes they may take longer to detect due to the complexity of the situation.

Where can I avail Leak detection services in Melbourne?

A number of companies offer Leak detection in Melbourne. One among the best is Project Plus Services. Pioneering in insurance claims assessment and estimation, Project Plus carries out cutting edge leak detection services using state of the art leak detection systems. Project Plus provides an advantage over other by providing specialist Leak inspection reports in the shortest turnaround time of less than 24 hours.

How much does a leak inspection cost?

The average cost of Leak detection services in Melbourne and surrounding areas varies from around $150 to $400. This may be a little higher depending on the area to be inspected and age of the premises.

Leak detection are important to locate possible leaks early and prevent lasting damage. Project Plus provides the best leak inspection services in Melbourne authenticated by specialist reports delivered in less than 24 hours of the site visit.

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