Storms, hurricanes and other natural disasters leave people holding on to sheer hope to get their lives back on track. These events not only impact the psychological aspects but also influence the physical aspects such as electrical connections and structural aspects in the vicinity. Any faults in the electricity or related connections due to a storm can jeopardize the safety of individuals living nearby. Hence electrical inspection are an important protocol to be followed after such events and on a regular basis during normal times too to avert any unforeseen events or damage.

Electrical Inspection in Melbourne

Being prepared before a catastrophic natural event or any other incident is possible with regular Electrical Inspection.

Timely Electrical Inspection in Melbourne include and ensure:

  • Safety switches are installed and tested for proper functioning on all circuits in the switchboard.
  • All critical appliances not in use are switched of and unplugged.
  • Surge protectors are installed to reduce electricity spike damage and help with general power surges.
  • All electrical cables, lights, appliances, fixed wire phones or any conductive materials are checked for faults and functioning.

Once the storm or any other damaging event has passed Electrical Inspection in Melbourne are important to ensure:

  • Safety of power outlets, electrical wiring or any other electrical installations in case of flooding of premises.

What is an Electrical Inspection in Melbourne?

Electrical Inspection is an investigative set of services performed by a certified electrical inspector to ensure the electrical safety of your home or business.

Project Plus equipped with an experienced electrical team of inspectors offer comprehensive electrical inspection in Melbourne for houses or buildings of any size.

Why do we need an electrical inspection?

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Electrical Inspection services are important because they help prevent future risk or damage. The main reasons a timely electrical inspection in Melbourne is necessary are:

  • To identify electrical wiring and components that may have degraded over time.
  • To uncover any electrical circuits that are overloaded.
  • To reveal if any electrical set ups lack earthing.
  • To identify any defective wiring or other mistakes made by non-certified electricians.
  • To locate oversized fuses or breakers that may cause an electrical fire hazard.
  • To find any potential electric shock risks.

When and how often do we need an electrical inspection in Melbourne?

Whatever the reason for electrical inspection, irrespective of the fact that it is Electrical Inspection for Insurance, Electrical inspection for home purchase or renovation or Electrical Inspection after a natural calamity- It is important to ensure the premises is electrically safe.

Electrical Inspection must be conducted every:

  • 10 years for an owner-occupied home.
  • 5 years for a rented home.
  • 3 years for a caravan
  • 1 year for a swimming pool.

Other times when a periodic electrical inspection should be carried out are:

  • When a property is being prepared for letting out for rent.
  • Before selling a property or buying a previously-occupied property.
  • After installation of new electrical equipment in the premises.

What is an Electrical Inspection Checklist?

An Electrical Inspection checklist is a list of considerations covered under a standard Electrical Inspection to ensure safety. An Electrical Inspection checklist usually consists of checking:

  • All light fixtures, sockets, switches are in good condition and working.
  • All wires are in good condition without any signs of deterioration, wear and tear.
  • All circuit breakers, RCDs etc. are operating properly and fuse elements are appropriately installed.
  • Suitability of all switchgear (MCBs, RCDs etc).
  • Proper grouping and labeling inside the distribution panel.
  • Earthing/grounding system is proper.
  • Wiring method is up to date to ensure that it is suitable for current use.
  • All wires of a circuit are grouped together.
  • Proper insulation of electrical system near wet and damp locations.
  • Wires or sockets are not overloaded.
  • Replacement of extension cords with permanent fittings.

What happens during an Electrical Inspection in Melbourne?

In general an Electrical Inspection in Melbourne includes the following steps:

Electrical Inspection Scheduling

When you call a reputable electrical inspection service provider near you, you can schedule an inspection within the next few days or weeks.

Any specific electrical problems that are potentially dangerous such as signed sockets or broken light bulbs, need to be mentioned in the initial call. In an emergency situation, electrical inspectors may visit the site as an immediate response.

Electrical Inspection

During the Electrical inspection, the electrical inspector will follow a checklist that ensures the inspection complies with local safety codes. Most inspections include:


  • Ensuring minor safety and managing fire hazards
  • Taking care of hazards such as ungrounded outlets
  • Testing of switches, panels, circuits and other electrical installations,

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