What is a CCTV Drain Inspection in Melbourne?

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) Drain Inspection is the technology that helps to monitor pipes and drains for the purpose of damage diagnosis or repair.

CCTV drain camera can aid in the inspection of the drain or sewer systems to identify any problems. Whether it is a broken or collapsed pipe, or to trace an old drain connection to a new drain, a CCTV drain camera survey can be a great help. It provides a reliable, documented evaluation of the drainage system and any issues or damage that may occur.

Accurate diagnosis of a drainage or sewerage system is really important for their early resolution and better maintenance of the premises. Non-invasive drain inspections such as CCTV drain inspections are a quicker and more cost effective method of diagnosis and treatment of drain blockages, especially when they are frequent and recurrent.

Utilizing the latest excavation and clearing technology, as well as leading camera inspection of drains and other inspection equipment, to produce cost effective solutions is what an ideal CCTV drain inspection should aim at. If you are looking for accurate CCTV drain inspection in Melbourne, then Project Plus with their highly qualified team of drain inspectors in Melbourne will find an answer to all of your cctv plumbing and cctv drain camera inspection needs.

Project Plus utilizes cutting edge cctv drain camera inspection equipment to ascertain the exact nature and cause of any blocked drain system in Melbourne, without the need for costly excavation. Our flexible head cctv drain camera relay the closed circuit television (CCTV) information to LCD monitors, taking the conjecture out of locating a blockage. As a result, excavation costs and times are greatly reduced, having only to excavate and repair the necessary sections. Project Plus focusses on achieving high quality, lasting results, while keeping the competitive edge with their accurate drain inspection in Melbourne and specialist drain inspection reports.

What is an Osma Drain Inspection Chamber?

What Do Roof Inspectors Look For

A manhole is the part of the drain system that allows the access to blocks in underground pipes. On the other hand, inspection chambers are small and allow only camera inspection of drains or similar small devices to inspect and evaluate the drain system and flow of water through the pipes.
Osma Drain Inspection chambers are an important part of an underground sewerage or drain system. They are the main areas for access that allow the CCTV drain inspection in Melbourne and cleaning of the drainage system. Osma Inspection Chambers are specially designed drain chambers for shallow drainage installations and usually come in 250, 300 and 450mm diameters.

When and how often should I get a CCTV Drain Inspection in Melbourne done?

A damaged or blocked drain system can cause major losses for instance wastage of water and high repair costs. Hence to mitigate risks and prevent losses it is ideal to have a CCTV drain inspection in Melbourne conducted every 6 months to one year and after damage causing incidents such as floods, storms etc.

How is a CCTV Drain Inspection done?

When you opt for a CCTV Drain Inspection or CCTV plumbing inspection, a qualified plumber or drain inspector conducts a CCTV inspection on your property.

Firstly, the plumber or inspector visits the property equipped with all the specialized equipment required for the inspection. This equipment includes a cctv drain camera for detailed internal inspection of the pipes.

Next the cctv drain inspection camera is inserted into the drain system to look for damage or any other issues with the drainage system.

The plumber or drain inspector then prepares a detailed report of the inspection indicating all the observations made, damage detected and suggests possible repair procedures to contain damage and prevent future losses.

All the information gained through a cctv drain camera inspection may be critical in preventing future losses or mitigating possible risks.

How long does a CCTV Drain Inspection take?

The average CCTV Drain Inspection in Melbourne takes about 30 minutes, though the exact time frame may vary depending on the ease of access to the main sewer line and whether or not the CCTV drain camera can travel through the system at a reasonable pace.

Sometimes, owing to storm damage or collapsed pipelines, drain inspections may last anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour or more.

Do home inspectors look for blocked pipes?

What Do Roof Inspectors Look For

Yes, for sure! Blocked pipes and blockages in drain system in general are the first and foremost indications that home inspectors, licensed plumbers or drain inspectors look for.

What do Drain inspectors look for?

Drain inspectors, licensed plumbers or expert engineers that conduct drain inspections usually look for:

  • Damage in the sewerage lines
  • Cracks that may be leaking
  • Tree roots encroaching pipes
  • Collapsed pipelines
  • Clogged pipes

Where can I find a drain inspection camera in Australia?

Project Plus provides accurate drain inspection services using the cutting CCTV and drain camera inspection technology. Thus, when you are looking for drain inspections in Melbourne, Project Plus Services must definitely be your first option.

Does house insurance cover drain problems or blocked pipes?

Depends on the insurance company usually. But most insurance companies that cover building or home insurance provide a drain system cover.

Who can perform a drain inspection?

Drain inspections in Melbourne are conducted by drain inspectors, licensed plumbers and plumbing engineers. Project Plus has an expert team of all these professionals and thus can be a good place to avail drain inspection services in Melbourne.

How much does drain inspection/CCTV drain inspection in Melbourne cost?

When opting for a drain inspection or CCTV drain inspection in Melbourne, it is important to look around a little, compare quotes and quality of services to get the best deal.  

CCTV drain inspections by experienced and reliable providers usually base their cost structure on various factors such as reason for inspection, area size and events preceding the inspection. In general, a CCTV drain inspection in Melbourne would cost anywhere between $145 and $175 plus GST or more.

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